Very well made and with some excellent acting, Yann Demange’s ’71 really manages to recreate the atmosphere of the early seventies, and I found it exciting from start to finish. Most of the film also seemed very realistic, and the brilliantly shot riot scene at the beginning does a wonderful job of showing how it must have felt for young, inexperienced soldiers who’d had no training in police work or crowd control to be heavily outnumbered by an enraged and violent mob. The soldiers are the ones with the guns, but they’re soon running for their lives. Even though officially they haven’t even left the country, they find themselves in a totally alien world, a point which is effectively illustrated when a kid asks Gary, the main character, whether he’s a Catholic or a Protestant. He says he doesn’t really know, as he wasn’t really brought up to follow any religion, and the kid looks at him as if he’s mad: how can anyone not know such an important, life-defining fact about themselves? (more…)


Sorj Chalandon : Retour à Killybegs

Retour à Killybegs is a work of fiction, but heavily based on the life and death of Denis Donaldson, a high-ranking member of Sinn Féin and the IRA who spied for the British for 20 years and was murdered in 2006 in County Donegal. (more…)

Shadow Dancer

Definitely one of the better films of this year (not that we get to see that many!). Realistic, well made, very well acted and with a strong feeling of tension from start to finish. A truly miserable business, ‘the Troubles’. We were planning a holiday in Ireland later this year, including the north, and I left the cinema wondering if I really want to go there…



title Shadow Dancer
director James Marsh
released 2012
language English
subtitles français
seen 03/04/2013, at the cinema