Month: June 2015

Risttuules (In the Crosswind)

What an amazing film! Certainly the most interesting and original new film I’d seen in a very long time. Anyone who’s read a few of my comments on films will probably have come across frequent complaints that a film is ‘just straightforward story-telling’, and doesn’t make use of the great potential offered by the medium of film with all its unique possibilities. Well, that definitely can’t be said of Risttuules, which makes full use of the medium and does things which couldn’t have been done using any other. (more…)


Maarten H. Rijkens : I always get my sin

First a word of warning: if you don’t speak Dutch then there are various things in this text which you won’t understand – but there again, neither would you understand very much of the book I’m writing about!

I was recently given a present of a somewhat amusing little book going by the name of I always get my sin. It’s the sort of book you can get through in about an hour if you read slowly, although I expect most people just flick through it, reading bits here and there. I wasn’t intending to write anything about it, as I didn’t really think it was worth the trouble, but I somehow found myself writing anyway and eventually decided that I’d pretty well written a blog post so I might as well publish it. (more…)