Month: May 2012


I’d only read one review of this film beforehand, which said that the director “didn’t want to take the easy route of showing East Germany as an oppressed and run-down dump, contrasted with a glorious vision of freedom in the West. He didn’t want symbols”. This was certainly true. Compared to Das Leben der Anderen, which showed the DDR as a dreary land of browns and greys where it was always raining or at least cloudy, this film gives a much more realistic picture of a normal country with normal weather where people led fairly normal lives with their good points and bad points. In spite of this, the film deals very directly with the political situation and shows the repression and the atmosphere of fear and distrust just as effectively as Das Leben der Anderen did. Well made, very well acted and well worth seeing.



title Barbara
director Christian Petzold
released 2012
actors Nina Hoss
language Deutsch
seen 30/05/2012, at the cinema