Month: November 2007

Roddy Doyle : Paula Spencer

An easy and enjoyable read and a good book. Well written, often funny but also a bit depressing, as reading about normal peoples’ lives always is. Quite apart from Paula Spencer’s special problems as (ex-) beaten wife and (ex-) alcoholic, she suffers from the sort of problems which seem to afflict a very large part of the population. She wastes an incredible amount of time and energy worrying about what other people think of her and whether she’s ‘normal’ enough, and trying to adapt herself to others’ expectations. She and the other characters in the book are also constantly worrying about and censoring what they say, in case they insult someone else, hurt their feelings or make them angry (and constantly analysing what others say, and trying to guess their thoughts, to see if they might have any reason to be insulted, hurt or angry themselves!). Life is a minefield of potential embarrassing mistakes and things you might regret afterwards. It’s so depressing seeing how the average human being makes their life unnecessarily difficult!



author Roddy Doyle
title Paula Spencer
first published 2006
language English
read 27/11/2007 – 29/11/2007