What a path we made

Many feet make one path, and this is a small contribution. Books, films, philosophy and life in general…

I’ve been writing for many decades now, and these days I’m incapable of reading a book or seeing a film without writing down what I thought of it. These comments often expand into an essay about the subject of the book or film, and occasionally digress onto other topics I find interesting. I also find myself writing more and more about current events, politics, philosophy and life in general without any book or film as an excuse. I’ve occasionally re-read something I’d written a year or two previously and found myself thinking that other people might also find it interesting, and in January 2015 I finally got round to starting this blog in order to share my thoughts with the world. Since then I’ve been gradually publishing old texts, some of which I wrote years ago, while occasionally adding new ones. Hopefully some of you out there should find some of it worth reading…

Most of these texts were written first and foremost for my own personal use, and without any literary pretentions whatsoever. I aim only to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if it’s only my own subjective one. I do try to make my texts clear and readable, but any other literary qualities are entirely coincidental. I apologise in advance if any of this is too obvious from the quality of the writing.

On the other hand I make no apology whatsoever for the fact that these texts are highly subjective: they tell you my opinion of the subject, without any claim to objectivity. I’m well aware that there are other ways of seeing things, but it is not my ambition to tell you about them. I would, however, like to think that I sometimes have a view of the world which is sufficiently different from that of the average person that it may inspire some of my readers to see things in a new light – from a different angle, perhaps – and to put them into a new perspective. In fact, I don’t think I’m being too pretentious if I say that many readers will find some of what I have to say subversive at some deep level; well, I’d like to think so anyway! And I hope that, in spite of their faults, my writings may prove to be of some interest to at least a few of you.

BTW, attentive readers may notice that there’s a philosophy lurking among these comments, sometimes sitting quietly at the back, sometimes standing at the front shouting its head off. I’m working on a text which will expound this philosophy directly in some detail, but for the moment we’ll just have to make do with what’s here…

To navigate, I suggest using the index page, where you can find books and films listed by title, author and director. For more information about me and about this blog, see the faq page. For the latest additions, see What’s new?, while the philosophically inclined may want to jump straight to Everything philosophical.

BTW, all comments and questions are very welcome, either directly via this blog or at wapwm_gmail.

June 2015

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